Pay with amazon on my own website

I have just had a sale on my website where the customer has used pay with amazon.
This is the first time that the amazon one has been used.
The message I have on my site says
This order has been processed by your payment gateway Pay With Amazon with the following results…

Transaction Status: Authorization Open
with a transaction number underneath
Does this mean that it has gone through to Amazon and it is ok to go ahead or do I have to hang fire and wait for some sort of message from Amazon


When you receive a message stating that the transaction status is “Authorization Open” after a customer has used Pay with Amazon on your website, it means that the payment has been authorized but not yet captured by Amazon.

In this case, it is recommended to wait for a confirmation or notification from Amazon regarding the payment. The “Authorization Open” status indicates that the payment has been approved, but it hasn’t been fully processed or settled yet.

Typically, you will receive further updates or notifications from Amazon regarding the payment status, such as when the payment is captured and when the funds will be disbursed to your account. This information will help you determine if the transaction is fully completed and if it is safe to proceed with fulfilling the order.

It’s important to follow any instructions provided by Amazon and monitor your Amazon Payments account or seller dashboard for updates on the transaction. If you have any specific questions or concerns about the payment status, it’s advisable to contact Amazon Seller Support or Amazon Payments Support for further assistance.