Parallel import claim

A brief background about us. We’ve been selling on Amazon for several years. We noticed very early on how important trademarks were so we have valid trademarks for our products from when we started. We also manufacture our own products and design the packaging ourselves, With our trademark listed on the packaging.

Recently we received a parallel import claim and have been removed from our own listing we created. Now I’m not sure how this was able to happen. So far I have contacted the email address that was provided and awaiting a reply. The email in question was a ip firm. I know that malicious sellers can also do this and put any email in the contact details section as I’ve seen it in the past. Any other advice would be greatly appreciated.

Furthermore we sell in the uk and the email adress Amazon have provided for redaction is

[email protected]

Thank you in advance.

This indicates that the complaint came from someone based in India.

So is this your trademarked product?

Look at the notice received. Usually, Amazon will reactivate the listing once you give them invoices or TM registry certificate.


This was my exact thinking that someone based in India did manage to do this. They have used a uk ip firm as contact details which I have email and will wait for clarification.

My products do carry my trademark on the packaging. But looking into this a little more it seems someone had also manage to change the brand name to a generic one in which they could then fill out the trademark infringement form.

Furthermore ipo representative in the Uk in which the contact details were given is a representative for a company based in the USA. So it would be strange for the complaint to come from someone in India. Things do not add up.

I’m not even sure how they managed this as all my trademarks are registered with brand registry

Thank you for you reply


What is the name of the firm? As far as I know, it is generally a common practice in India and Pakistan that sellers spoof such company names to submit false complaints.

Was there any text included with the complaint? What was the product?


Yep totally understand what you’re saying. I’ve heard of these things in the past.

The firm is

Barker Brettell

The text included was ( this is word for word copy and pasted from the email I got). It doesn’t seem professional to me.

The Product selling on Brand name “xxx”. there is no brand called “xxx” its illegal to sell on any marketplace.

Unfortunately I can’t give out the product as we’ve seen a lot of increased competition in the niche. Not stating you will but because of this I don’t give out the name. Hope that’s understandable.


Send a formal legal letter to the firm (LBA) seeking withdrawal of the complaint and threatening with claims for damages if they fail to rectify. Give them a deadline and wait.


Will get on this tomorrow morning.

Thanks for your input.


Hello @Dannysmith,

thank you for joining the forum. I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with an unjustified Intellectual Property Rights Infringement Complaint over parallel import.

The claim does indeed appear to be bogus. Communicating directly with the law firm and including a threat of a legal action should help you force them to retract the complaint.

As @Muhammad mentioned, it is a common practice for shady sellers to spoof e-mail addresses of known law firms to submit complaints. Investigate whether this is the case by contacting them.

Let me know once you have any updates.

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Hey yes it does appear to be bogus. There’s no way to contact the actual submitter as they used the actual law firms email address and name.

I’ve contacted the law firm and gave them the complaint id. Over the phone they said it didn’t appear to be them but they have told me to send them the notice so they can look into it. So I’m just waiting on them now.

I will keep you updated on the outcome.

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Okay, please feel free to share any updates. Hopefully, you will get it sorted soon.

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