Organic Higher than Sponsored

If you are bidding past the highest price point for a keyword but the sponsored ad is showing way below your organic listing should you just stop bidding on that keyword or lower your bid ?

Stopping your product Ad can impact your organic search rankings as well. Not directly but indirectly. Organic search rankings based on several factors but one of them is sales of the product. Now if your advert is getting you sales and you stop that, then that means your product sales will slow down. This can impact your organic search results rankings. I think it’s always best to keep advert running as long as you are not losing money with it.


That’s what I aim for, as soon as the organic result shows higher than the sponsored ad I stop sponsoring it and let it stay there on its own merits.

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Your sponsored ad might not show everytime you look. For instance if you run out of budget for the day etc