Order Processing Delay Despite Fulfillment by Amazon

I’ve been facing significant delays in order processing despite using Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). My internet service was recently upgraded to fiber internet, which has improved my connectivity and efficiency on my end. However, the issue persists. Is anyone else experiencing similar delays, or could it be related to Amazon’s server issues? I’ve checked everything on my side, and all seems fine. Any advice or insights on resolving this would be greatly appreciated. What steps can I take to ensure my orders are processed more swiftly? Thanks in advance for your help!

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How quickly Amazon FBA process orders has nothing to do with how fast your internet service is. I’m not even sure how you could possibly think that there could be a link!!

The only way to possibly have orders processed quicker is if you have more stock at their warehouses. It means that there is more chance of customers having your stock closer to them.

Have you checked the FBA section of Seller University?