Operating multiple seller accounts


We already sell through our own brand-registered Amazon store. We’re looking to sell a different brand of bedding products (same product category) under a different brand. I have a few questions:

Is it possible to set up a completely separate Amazon store using the same Ltd company details?

If it’s not possible I can create a new Ltd company, however would Amazon allow me to operate 2 separate Amazon accounts that sell in the same product category

Final question - One main reason for doing this is to spread the risk should Amazon close 1 of our stores, is there any risk in either of the above scenarios that if Amazon closed 1 store, it would automatically close the other?

Thank you



In addition, many Amazon sellers incorrectly see having an additional Amazon Seller Account as a way of insuring their business, so they can continue selling following a suspension.

The very opposite is true. The other store may get suspended during verification etc, which will cause your “main” account to get suspended as well.

Having a single, well-established account is safer than having many less-established.

The older and more seasoned your account is, the less likely it is to get suspended.


I’ve heard Amazon don’t like it if you have more than one account. I also like the idea of having 2 separate accounts to spread the risk

If one account is suspended, the other will too. The risk is the same.