Online arbitrage

I have a small question. Can we do online arbitrage nowadays?

Second: If I list an ungated product on Amazon and I buy inventory from a retailer, they give a receipt, not an invoice.

If Amazon asks for an invoice for the ungated listing, what should I do?

Sellers doing online arbitrage never last long.

It is only a matter of time before Amazon catches up with you, requests an invoice and then suspends you.

I wouldn’t advise going there.


Yes, you can do OA with no problem. People are making seven digits a year from OA alone as long as you do it by the book.

Only buy from retailers who can issue an invoice where all the details are shown:

  • Supplier details
  • Your details (billing address)
  • Details of the products you purchased

Retailers don’t provide invoices, brother.

Another issue is that in Pakistani detail-based accounts, if I list an ungated product on Amazon, Amazon asks for its invoice.

I have been more or less doing online arbitrage since at least 2003. I have had zero problems, but then I only sell books. Bookseller’s really issue invoices, especially used booksellers. OA works well certain categories and not so well in others.


Retailers do give invoices, not all of them but plenty of retailers gives invoices however as long they provide at least a good order confirmation then I am happy.

You need to ungate with an invoice and most retailers don’t give invoices. Use Amazon Business.

Anything you sell on Amazon is arbitrage even PL.

OA is still doable but is getting tougher.

A friend sent me this message yesterday when I asked why he was suspended. He did OA only.

Hi! I was suspended for 2 “unsuitable products”. They never did say what was unsuitable about them. The attorney I used for some IP complaints said she had 150 clients with the same problem (this was back in March) and had a source in Amazon that said that “unsuitable products” is usually products they think are stolen.

I provided invoices, had an interview showing business documentation, I provided business documentation from the supplier where I sourced the products… and they still said I was engaging in deceptive practices. The confinscated my funds that had not yet been paid out, and confinscated all of my FBA inventory. About 30k worth of inventory because I was on a big growth curve.

It’s a kick in the gut, they are pretty much ignoring me now.