Online Arbitrage

When should one start considering directly sending items to prep centers rather than directly to your home from (Walmart, etc.) and having prep centers ship to amazon FBA?

I assume once you’re able to do OA Wholesale? Thanks!

Consider using prep centers for online arbitrage when it saves you time and money, typically as you scale your operations or move into OA Wholesale…


That depends on the volume of the products. If you can handle it by yourself, then it’s good. Prep centers usually don’t charge a high amount for the preparation of OA products.

If you want, you can send the goods there from the very beginning, as long as you are still making a profit.

This can help streamline the process and save you time and effort in prepping and shipping the items to Amazon FBA. However, it ultimately depends on your individual business needs and preferences.


Personally, never.

It’s especially important when sending RA inventory, because you run the risk of committing the online seller’s most “fatal mistake.” Leaving price tags on items.


Okay, thank you. Will keep that in mind :wink:

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