Ongoing bug with quarantined listings

I have an ongoing bug with 3 of my ASINs where any inventory I send in goes into quarantine.

It started after these ASINs were cleared of a 2nd false ip infringement claim 4 months ago. I received the email from Amazon saying I was cleared of the claims and all restrictions were removed from the ASINs, numerous seller support agents and account health agents have verified that there are no restrictions on my account or these ASINs.

Many of these agents have told me this is essentially a bug where a few FC’s haven’t removed the restrictions placed on the ASINs during the ip infringement claim review, but I can’t seem to get this corrected.

I’ve called and created numerous cases over the months (I know this is ill advised, but many would get closed with no resolution or something would happen to indicate the issue was resolve, but it wasn’t) and can’t seem to get this fixed.

Has anyone experienced this or have advice on how to fix this issue?

Have you tried creating a new SKU out of the ASIN? This should fix the problem.


As @masud530 says, creating a new SKU typically fixes any errors. I would give it a try.