One week to go for the Amazon Ads summit: Prep for Prime Day (English with subtitles in French)

Announcement reposted from Amazon Canada:

The Amazon Ads summit Prep for Prime Day is one week away, on June 4 and 5. Don’t miss the opportunity to maximize your brand and performance marketing during key shopping periods.

Here’s a preview of the exclusive hands-on workshops and discussions that you can join:

  • June 4: Partner session: A master class in Sponsored Products keyword strategy, with Helium 10. Set a keyword strategy that works with the right keywords, bids and optimization strategy.
  • June 4: Convert views to sales: A guide to optimizing your product detail pages. Learn how to use insights to enhance your product detail pages through live demonstrations.
  • June 5: Make your summer deals shine with Amazon Brand Stores. Get your Store ready for peak periods, with a demonstration on how to set up new pages and how to use compelling imagery.

Learn at your own pace and sign up for the free virtual sessions that matter for your business.

Register now for June 4 and 5 at 9 a.m. Pacific Time.