Offering free shipping

How to say free shipping on the items listed as individual seller on Amazon?

I wanted to sell with Free Shipping. Now I don’t know how to set that as an Individual Seller it is not letting me set to zero shipping cost. Now where is this shipping cost an added value to my profit if I buy without a shipping cost for myself as Product cost?

This is what I see in my shipping settings Default Shipping

You have an Individual selling plan. Features to customize your shipping settings and update your shipping rates are available in the Professional selling plan.

I see this for one of my items sold Quantity: 1

Price: $26.99

Tax: $2.43

Shipping: $4.99

Amazon fees: -$5.79

Marketplace Facilitator Tax: -$2.43

Your earnings: $26.19

Please help me here

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Hi @donkey_kong,

unfortunately, I don’t think it would be possible for you to set your own shipping rates under the Individual plan.


In the shipping settings set shipping price 0

Once upon a time all sellers were created equal on Amazon. Late in the first decade of the century someone in Amazon thought it wise to distinguish so-called professional sellers from individual sellers. Professional sellers got all kinds of benefits for $40 a month. One of the benefits was sitting their own shipping rates including offering free shipping. But is the shipping really free or is it justification for a higher price? Some sellers thus far have refused to raise the prices but most of worked at least some of the shipping costs into the prices. Just remember, no shipping is ever free. Someone has to pay for it.


Thank you Kika, this is a new information for me!

You are right obviously. But the customers love free shipping… I get your point