Not sure how to fix this, any help please?

Good morning everyone.

I am trying to send one ASIN but there is an error appearing when I try to do so. I tried to change the Packing details but nothing changed.

Thank you

This ASIN uses expiry dates (use by etc) so it can’t use manufacturer barcodes. Your barcode labelling needs to reflect the expiry date.


You really should use FNSKUs for everything otherwise you risk selling someone else’s mismatched or fake product. If that happens, you will be held accountable not the other seller since there is no way for Amazon to know which product is actually yours.

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Can you not send using amazon barcode label?

Btw do not use manufacturer barcode as your stock is going to be mixed with other people’s stock, which is not okey.

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I have fixed the issue. Just deleted and relisted the ASIN… Thanks!