Not featuring for certain sponsored ads even though they are ‘delivering’ and relevant

Hi there,

Hoping someone can help as I find Amazon Seller Support at best; contradictory and at worst; useless.

For over two weeks now I have bid 20p over the recommended bid for two keywords that have large search volumes and are essential to my sponsored campaigns and sales.

Since setting them up, campaign manager has marked them as ‘delivering’.

However I have never featured as a sponsored product in the listings for these two keywords and I don’t know why.

I have set up other, similar keywords as sponsored ads and these are showing in the listings without issue.

But I can’t get to the bottom of why these two particular keywords won’t list.

At First Seller Support told me it was because I had selected ‘Phrase’, Broad’ and Exact match for the keywords in question. So I selected ‘exact’ only for the keywords and still no show.

Then Seller Support told me it might be because I have a 10% voucher on the listing and the sponsored ads may not be permitted with a voucher. However, my other sponsored keywords are listing fine with the voucher.

The two keywords are completely relevant to the product and the same keywords feature in my title, bullet points and product description.

Does anyone know why they might not be listing? I’m tearing my hair out here with shoddy Amazon Seller Support!

It’s frustrating when you’re facing challenges with your sponsored ads and getting conflicting information from Seller Support. Here are a few potential reasons why your sponsored products might not be showing up for those specific keywords:

  1. Competition: It’s possible that other sellers are aggressively bidding on the same keywords, making it difficult for your ads to secure a prominent position in the search results. Higher competition could lead to your ads not being displayed consistently.
  2. Budget: If your daily budget for the campaign is exhausted early in the day due to other keywords or campaigns, it could result in your ads not being shown for certain keywords. Make sure your budget is allocated strategically across all relevant campaigns.
  3. Keyword Relevance: While you’ve mentioned that the keywords are relevant to your product, it’s essential to double-check the relevance of the keywords and your product listing. If the keywords don’t match the content of your listing closely, your ads might not show.
  4. Negative Keywords: Ensure that you haven’t added any negative keywords to your campaign that could be preventing your ads from showing for those specific keywords.
  5. Quality Score: Amazon’s algorithm considers the quality and relevance of your ad, as well as your product’s historical performance. A low-quality score could impact ad visibility.
  6. Bid Adjustment: Amazon’s bidding algorithm takes various factors into account when deciding which ad to display. It’s possible that your bid adjustment for these keywords needs further optimization.
  7. Keyword Status: Verify that the keywords in question are set to “enabled” status within your campaign. If they’re paused or disabled, your ads won’t show for those keywords.
  8. Campaign Placement: Check if you’ve opted for specific placements (like top of search or product pages) in your campaign settings. Different placements can affect when and where your ads are displayed.
  9. Keyword Match Type: While you’ve tried different match types, it’s still worth considering whether the match type aligns with how customers search for your product.
  10. Delay in Activation: Sometimes, changes you make to campaigns might take some time to fully activate. Monitor the campaigns over a longer period to see if they start delivering.
  11. Platform or Browser Issue: Occasionally, ad visibility issues could be related to specific browsers or devices. Try checking the ad visibility on different platforms to ensure consistency.