NOT AUTHORISED We don't have a seller account associated with that email address

please help
Yesterday i added a euro account to Belgium marketplace and after I received and email from Amazon saying we temporarily put your account on hold because is unauthorised use.
Now when I login to my account I receive the following error “ we don’t have a seller account associated with that email address”
Have contact multiple time seller support without logging in and they just keep sending me pass reset email which I did multiple time but still issue is still the same.

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Hello @Jdhillon,

thank you for joining our forum. I am sorry to hear that your Seller Account has been deactivated due to alleged unauthorized use. This is quite a common issue these days and you have nothing to worry about.

In this case, you will need to keep contacting the Buyer Customer Service, seeking them to connect you to an Account Specialist. He may be asking you over the phone to confirm your account details on file, so please ensure that you have them ready.

You may be asked for the full billing address on file, credit card information or bank account information.

Alternatively, Amazon may send you a form to verify your identity by uploading specific documents.

I hope this helps. Please feel free to post here whenever you need help.


Thank you for your reply. Do I need to contact the buyer customer service or the seller support team as it’s my seller account which is effected and buyer account is working fine.

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That’s why you need to contact the Buyer Customer Service :slight_smile:

When your Seller Account has its access removed due to suspicious activity, you need to use the Buyer Account to verify your identity.

However, please do it as soon as possible, before your Seller Account gets impacted by the lack of customer service or failure to fulfill orders.

Hi Kika, thank you again for your reply. Yesterday I did contact them to remove my 2 step verification and after sending my documents they remove 2 step verification and send me following email which I have attached here. I ask them to remove 2 step verification because when trying to login and request OTP I was getting the error message” wait atleast one minute before requesting another one” then I ask for OTP removal where I had to send my ID and following day I received the attached email. After they removed OTP since then i am having issue with seller central where it’s saying not authorised we don’t have account associated with that email.

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Hi @Jdhillon,

so it appears like you are making a progress. All you need to do is enable the Two-Step-Verification again, using your restored Buyer Account.

Get a Google Authenticator app ready and a phone.