No sales at all for months now

Hello my sells have practically dried up for months now
I think i am going to consider quitting any idea how i can turn things around, I have been using sponsored ads but the bills just keep coming but no sales at all

If you would like some feedback about the listing, my suggestion would be to shorten the title and remove the keyword spam.

There is no need to include keywords in titles. It’s main purpose is to be easily readable and attract buyer’s attention.

In addition, I would exclude the following bullet point:

:heavy_check_mark:100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - We offer you no questions asked money back guarantee, because we know you will love and keep our product.”

As according to the Amazon’s Product Detail Page Rules, sellers cannot include their return policy or special offers in the product description, regardless of you being the listing creator and brand owner.

Tbh You can get those rollers from the pound shop

I would first of all improve your listing organically, Reverse ASIN the top sellers in lint rollers. Then include those keywords in your title and listing text. IS your brand registered with amazon? If so, use A+ content (it’s free ) and create a store front.
After that i would create an automatic keyword fishing campaign in sponsored ads.

Hope this helps