No color variation option when creating a listing

Hey guys… My product variation is by color but they didn’t give me that option… What should I do?

There is something missing in the vital info section. Do check that. And if it is a PL, you need to use flat file to create a variation now under a parent.

Hi @KristenWilliamso

The only thing highlighted on your screenshot is the Vital information section. Without knowing what’s on that screen it’d be tough to analyze what might be the problem.

The following Article provides guidance in creating variations under different listing scenarios. None require uploading a flat file.

How do I create variations?

You need to upload it through a flat file. Here is a link to one of our courses on this in case you’re ever wanting to learn the correct steps to take. If you see anything you like, ask me in a reply about our 25% off discount offer :grinning: