No buybox on my FBA listing

Hey all community members,

I sent my product to Amazon FBA, i am not getting buy box. I know there are certain conditions to apply in order to win the buy box but i am thinking maybe I am new to get it or is it something else.

Much of that depends on your home country, sellers from some countries are given priority treatment.

Keep in mind amazon is so over saturated with sellers you have zero chance of being successful without waiting years and wasting thousands of dollars. If your item sells at the rate of 10 per month and you have 50 sellers on the listing it would be months before it is your turn to sell one.

It is all a win-win for amazon, they get fees for your item. Regardless,
This is even better, calculate the volume of your item and create a cost per cubic foot model or meters then compare it to prime retail real estate in New York city. At least in a NYC store front you don’t have any one throttling your sales and manipulating you business.

Also, if you are not the lowest priced seller you will not do very well either. If amazon is on the listing or is offering like kind products your chances are even worse.


Yes. There are conditions. The Article Featured Offer eligibility explains them.


It is not always necessary to be the cheapest however it is one of the most important criteria for Amazon to give you the BB on top of that you dont have reviews so maybe the one who has the BB most of the time has lots of reviews ,better price and maybe even more stock …


I agree, what is your advicd I should do as a newbie to win the buy box?

Approximate how much you will spend on amazon fees and the additional cost of meeting service demands. Once you have that number look at the costs associated advertising your own site and spend wisely.

Both online market places are very toxic AND they are also hypersaturated with sellers. You need to understand how that is the limiting factor to your success.


Thank you for the quick reply.

I don’t have my own site yet. Just looking for ways how to get buybox. I thought you won’t be able to advertise the listing and run a PPC unless you have the buybox. Is it true?

I firstly need to make some money to be able to launch my own Shopify.

Yes, that is correct. That is one of the many reasons why not to spend your money on PPC on either site. They are still throttling your sales, you don’t make any more money yet pay them for exposure that does not happen. It is failure to provide services. The opacity of the matter is shielding it from the law, most sellers don’t have a clue what is going on. I comes down too, you are just paying them more money to sell your item, sellers are being deceived.


I never did understand why I’d have to invest in PPC when I’m already in the Buy Box?


Thank you all for the insight :slight_smile:

You’re welcome.


If you’re not seeing a buy box on your Amazon FBA listing, it could be because you’re new to the game or there might be other factors at play. Winning the buy box depends on meeting certain conditions like competitive pricing, good seller metrics, and having your product in stock. Sometimes, optimizing your listing with keywords, high-quality images, and positive customer reviews can help. Also, consider checking your product’s custom retail packaging boxes to ensure they’re appealing and in line with Amazon’s standards, as presentation matters too. Keep improving and you’ll likely snag that buy box soon!

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