No ads when returning from holiday - every time

Every single time I go away (I’m a landscape photographer and need to go away frequently to take new work), when I return and re-activate my listings, my sponsored ads stop working.

Every single time, the reason is “Not in Buy Box”.

Every single time I email Seller Support to tell them I am in Handmade and not competing for the Buy Box with any seller.

Every single time I spend days and days trying to get Seller Support to understand and then fix the issue.

And every single time this screws up my ads (I use a third party service to manage and optimise my ads) with wild crazy bids and skewed budgets as some of the ads work and some don’t until they are all fixed.

Has anyone else had this problem? It’s incredibly frustrating to go through this again and again multiple times a month and having to explain to a bot what the issue is whilst waiting days and days for them to fix it. Yes, I have asked for a permanent fix, but I might as well be shouting in to the wind.

Just about to give up on sponsored ads altogether.

It’s frustrating to experience recurring issues with your Sponsored Ads every time you go away and reactivate your listings. While I can’t directly intervene with Amazon’s systems, I can offer some suggestions to help manage this situation more effectively:

  1. Document the Issue: Keep a detailed record of each instance when this issue occurs, including dates, the specific ASINs affected, the responses you receive from Seller Support, and any steps you take to resolve the problem. This documentation can be valuable when escalating the issue or seeking more comprehensive support.
  2. Create Detailed Instructions: If you consistently face the same issue, consider drafting detailed instructions that clearly explain the situation and what needs to be done to resolve it. Share this document with Seller Support whenever you encounter the issue.
  3. Escalate with Seller Support: If the initial response from Seller Support doesn’t resolve the problem or if you’re not satisfied with their assistance, don’t hesitate to escalate the issue. Request that your case be escalated to a higher level of support or management.
  4. Seller Performance Team: Reach out to Amazon’s Seller Performance team, as they handle issues related to account performance, policies, and account health. Explain your recurring problem and ask for their guidance on how to ensure your ads run smoothly after reactivating listings.
  5. Request a Permanent Solution: As you’ve mentioned, request a permanent solution to prevent this issue from occurring every time you reactivate your listings. Be persistent in your requests for a fix that addresses the root cause of the problem.
  6. Contact Third-Party Management Service: If you’re using a third-party service to manage your ads, reach out to them and explain the situation. They might have insights or strategies to mitigate the impact of the issue on your ad campaigns.
  7. Review Amazon’s Help Resources: Sometimes, Amazon’s help resources and forums might provide insights or solutions that can help you address recurring issues.
  8. Consider Alternative Strategies: If the issue continues to persist and negatively impacts your campaigns, you might consider pausing your ads during your absence and then relaunching them when you return. This could help avoid the disruption caused by the issue.
  9. Continuous Monitoring: After reactivating your listings, closely monitor the performance of your ads to catch any issues early and take corrective action promptly.

It’s unfortunate that you’re facing this challenge, and your frustration is understandable. While it might take persistence and patience to find a lasting solution, reaching out through various channels, documenting the issue, and seeking help from the right teams can increase the chances of resolving this recurring problem.