Newbie questions about legal entity and registration

Hi guys

I’m quite new into the whole Amazon fba, I do have a question about registering/legal status

I registered on Amazon seller central as a business entity, with the business located in my home country, which is on the list of approved countries allowed to sell on Amazon. I initially started off in the us market, which was fine I got through the approval, while exploring seller central, I accidentally enrolled to global selling (Europe and UK) and now I am been asked to update some information in the mean time my selling privileges are on hold in the UK/E.U. market .

I reached out to seller support , explained my predicament but they weren’t at all helpful, I was asked to downgrade my subscription plan so as not to get charged

So here are my concerns and questions

  1. As I really do not intend to sell in the E.U/UK market just yet, is it advisable to ignore? Since there appear to not be any impact on my selling privileges in the US …?

  2. As I do not have/understand the update document been requested, is it save to assume that it’s not applicable to my home country ( I hear that it’s best to set up an entity in the marketplace you intend to sell, how true and sustainable is this, is there anyone whe sells on Amazon with their entity in a different country? and does this affect any aspect of your business)

  1. specifically for UK, I watched a video saying it completely necessary to have an entity in the uk because of VAT? Can someone explain this or point me to a video that breaks this down to the very basics?

Thank you

  1. If you’re not planning to sell in the UK/EU yet, you can likely ignore the update request without affecting your US selling privileges.

  2. The update document might relate to UK/EU regulations. While setting up in the local market is advised, many sellers use their home country entity. Verify your tax and legal obligations.

  3. VAT matters for UK/EU sales. Research beginner-friendly resources to grasp the basics, as it can get complex.

Review all available resources and consider professional advice if needed.

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Be very careful as I had the same issue and all my payments were & are held. I have been asked to upload numerous documents since. Support is shocking & have had one tell me not everyone is trained in account verification & others put phone down on me & I was not rude in anyway. I now do not have an option to speak by phone with support on my case logs.

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Thank you, very helpful!

Oh I’m so sorry to hear this

I hope it gets sorted out, can I send a message?