New Shipment Issue

So Amz lost 7 units from a recent shipment. Normally there would be an opportunity to submit an invoice to try and get reimbursed. However, this time they’ve hit my account with a shipment violation for ‘Inaccurate item quantity in box’.

I submitted an appeal and told them I had a purchase invoice and video footage of the items being packed in the box. But they’ve replied with a rejection.

So to summarise, they lost our stock and are blaming us for the missing units. How bad can things get?

Anyone experienced such a thing before?

Believe you me, they can get a lot worse.

Anyone experienced such a thing before?

Yes, many people. This is nothing new.

Did you use the Reconcile your shipment option to open a formal request to investigate the missing units?

What about the weight of the box? Can you prove the items were in your shipment, based on the weight of the carton? If you used an Amazon Partnered Carrier UPS/FedEx, they would have recorded the weight of each carton.

We kept worksheets of each shipment. We printed out the Shipping Plan and used it as each shipment went from the planning phase, through packaging and labeling, capturing the Box Content information, and dropping them off at the UPS store. Any changes to quantity, and notes were all jotted down on those worksheets.

Amazon would accept these as proof that the units were shipped, and which box they were in. But, I also had a long track record of shipping inventory to FBA without errors.

Start digging through everything related to this shipment, including any/all receipts from acquiring the items to when they were shipped.

Hopefully, someone has alternative methods to prove your case.