New seller here so sorry if this is a very simple question

I am trying to understand how many of people are reselling products on Amazon. I have my seller account, junglescout, ect… when I go to add a product I want to resell amazon is requesting me to submit an application for the brand and provide a purchase order.

How would I have a purchase order when I’m buying in bulk from other stores?

What am I doing wrong?

Any and all help is appreciated, thank you!

As a new seller, it’s important to understand Amazon’s brand approval process. When you’re trying to resell a product, Amazon may require you to go through a brand approval process to ensure that you have the rights to sell that particular brand, i recommend you to start with small brands they give a soft approval, after that go with big brands.


Choose categories such as Tools and home improvement , automative , mostly products of these categories are ungated


You need to get ungated before buying in bulk.

To do this, purchase the brand products from the manufacturer and/or wholesale distributor to get the invoice. Once approved, you should be able to order in bulk.


Thank you. But how do u know whether to purchase the products without knowing whether Amazon will approve it or not. It’s risky no?