New Seller Forum launch

Announcement reposted from Amazon Europe:

Hi Sellers!

We are excited to announce that we will be launching a new Seller Forum experience this month. More information will come out later next week here in the Forums before launching, so please be on the lookout.

On a high level we have worked to improve navigation and search functionality, and have increased the ability to personalise the content that you want to see.
Additionally, Amazon Community Managers will be here to engage with you while also sharing tips to help you on your Seller journey.

We look forward to seeing you in the new Forums!

-Your Seller Forums Team

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Users will be switched to the new Amazon UK forum starting today and over the next 7 days.

My last post there has been made but I’ll continue to visit in case anything interesting gets posted.

Fingers crossed that other “migrating” users will find this one and see it as a good alternative.


Yes, I have seen it, hopefully more people will join our forum and find their way here.

This is what migrated active forum profiles on the New Forum look like, just in case anyone is interested:

Users will have the option to decide whether they wish to migrate upon migration or stay inactive.

However, beware that there is the “View store names” link which takes you straight to any user’s storefront, so choose wisely.

If you decide not to migrate, all your posts will remain published under your former username and no storefront names will be visible.


I will choose the option for a new user profile but will be a spectator only.

I did not go that way and have stayed off that site since the change. I don’t trust them at all even with a “read only” account.

They can train the AI to know how to better manipulate you as seller. This is all gleaned from the content you read on the forum.

For example, if you are a dog lover you would be more inclined to read a post with a title relating to how 3p sellers are selling dangerous dog toys, for an example. Hence, building a personal profile of you…

If they know your pressure point you are now compromised.


Announcement reposted from Amazon:

Quick Tip: Moving to the New Forum Experience


The rollout of the New Seller Forums Experience will begin tonight and sellers will be gradually migrated over the next 7 days. We will post a series of Quick Tips to help you with this.

The first one is setting up your new forum account.

The business name that is currently found in your seller central account (under the global accounts tab) will be displayed on your profile page in the new forums experience. All forum members will be able to see the name of your business on your forums profile page in the new forums experience.

To provide the most choice and flexibility to you, when you migrate to the New Seller Forums Experience, you have the option of whether or not to tie your old posts to your display name. You can either:
A. Start fresh. Create a new forums display name. Your previous posts will remain associated to your previous display name and not associated with your business name in your new forums profile, and your old display name cannot be used by any other forums member. You will start the new forums without any post history.
B. Roll everything over. Keep your current display name and all previous posts. Your forums history and statistics will be associated with your display name in the new Seller Forums experience.

The first time you access the new seller forums, a pop up will display, providing you the two options.

Announcement reposted from Amazon:

Introducing the New Seller Forums Experience

We’ve launched the new Amazon Seller Forums experience, your daily stop for finding the answers that can help you find success selling in Amazon’s store. Starting today, we’ll be migrating subsets of selling partners into the new experience, and we’re eager to share some of the improvements we’ve made. In addition to an updated look and feel, the Seller Forums now offers:

  1. Simpler navigation and search, so it’s faster for you to get help and advice from other selling partners, as well as offer your own help and advice.
  2. Advanced filtering so you can sort by votes, views and number of replies. You can also quickly see if Amazon provided a response.
  3. Voting features that allow you to indicate a post as helpful, not helpful, or to flag it for Amazon review. Original posters can also flag which response to their question was the most helpful.
  4. Personalization, allowing you to see more content from topics related to your business by selecting relevant categories from your profile.

We appreciate your continued contributions and hope you enjoy the new Seller Forums!

So, this is what was sent to me today by a friend whose UK Seller Forum profile has just been migrated to the New Forum:

What really surprises me is how quickly (compared to the US) did Amazon proceed with the transition in Europe.

In the US, this was a process lasting for several months where Amazon allowed people to protest and share their grievances and some compromises were made afterwards.

In the UK they just announced it last week and then launched the following one.

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They said it will take around a week for everybody to be transitioned. I am still on the old forum.

As everything on Amazon, like it or lump it.


Financial analysts are scraping the internet for content so they can make decisions. Less negativity the better the analyst’s opinion of the companies value and trends. Many of them missed the ball, for example the beer company and Target stores and are now getting sued for the failure to notify investors about the loss in stock value.


Actually, I never understood why would a company like Amazon use a cheap open source software as Discourse. It took me literally 5 minutes to setup this forum for free. They should have designed their own forum a long time ago and now they had an excuse to do it. What was the most difficult was migrating the threads and users from the old forum which I launched several years ago and used a different software. So I can understand that it took Amazon months to figure out how to do it.

Yes, I understand what you are talking about. Some businesses are self-imploding themselves while ignoring financial consequences, attracting lawsuits from investors.

Hopefully, others will learn from their mistakes and won’t drag the most divisive politics into advertising their products, thereby alienating crowds of their customers.

I don’t think that the New Forum is something that would hurt Amazon’s stocks though. This is an issue no one apart from “senior forum veterans” cares about. Most sellers won’t even notice the change (those who only post on the forums once in a while when they need help).


It is hosted on amazon’s cloud.

I looked into using this company for a forum for our website and this is one of the issues that stopped me.


Hmm, so do you think they have a deal? Maybe Amazon partially owns (or funds) Discourse?

It is hard to say, it could not be ruled out.

From the note which you posted it appears like there are multiple data centre locations across different jurisdictions.

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@AmazonUKForumRefugee Were you already migrated to the New Forum in the UK or do you know anyone who hasn’t been migrated yet?

Everyone else is already migrated but I am still seeing the old forum in the UK.

I was migrated today. The new forum is unusable. Even if I wanted to post stuff on it, I wouldn’t bother, it’s just awful. Impossible to follow posts. The “latest” facility of the old forum (and this one) is so useful but now it’s gone.

Monday today, normally hundreds of posts and replies. Today just a handful.

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Appears to me that it’s a deliberate downgrade of the forum for reasons unknown.


Well, in the US everyone initially disliked the New Forum as well and right now it’s even busier than the old one. Most people hate change, but they will get used to it.

If you remember, once the old Jive Forum was discontinued, people were ranting in the same manner, over the removal of green bars, upvotes replaced with likes etc.

Finally, after 26 years Amazon has their own forum which they designed in accordance with their policies, European GDPR regulations and other legal requirements. I am sure they will keep improving it.

@Jack Have you been migrated already? Seems like I am the only one left.

Migrated this morning. We’ll see how it goes for now.


Cannot see why you wouldn’t be migrated.
Last in, first out method appears to be applied to the forum migration progress.

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