New product listing attributes required for new listings after October 3, 2023

Announcement reposted from Amazon:

After October 3, 2023, 208 attributes for 213 product types will require information for new product listings.

If you have products listed in the affected product types, we’ll send you an email notice, or you can go to Product type and attributes for the full list.

Providing attribute information can help increase sales by making it easier for customers to search for product information that improves their purchase decisions.

We periodically review listing requirements for the most popular product types to ensure listings contain relevant attribute information that will help customers make a buying decision.

All new listings for the affected product types will require valid attributes or the product won’t be added to the catalog.

We recommend you update these values for existing listings; however, existing listings won’t be suppressed if the values are missing.

If you have an inactive listing and want to publish it, go to Manage Inventory, filter for affected product types, and update the attributes.

To troubleshoot listing errors, go to Error code explanations.

For more information, go to the Product type and attributes help article.