New Listing of Wholesale Brand

I buy stationery from a UK wholesaler, but there is no listing in the Amazon catalogue. How can create new listing under the brand? I have a letter of authorisation from the brand to sell, I’ve been brand approved to sell this brand on Amazon…but why can’t I list under this brand?

It sounds like this brand is already enrolled under Amazon’s brand registry. This means that whoever is the rights owner needs to either create the listings or add you as user into their Brand Registry account and grant you the ability to create listings.

Could you post a screenshot of what are you seeing when you attempt to insert that brand name into the brand field?

Also, it could be the case that in order to be able to create listings under a brand, you now need to have a Brand Registry Account as well.

When I am trying to create new listings, I already have my own brand names inserted by default and I just pick from a selection of the available choices.

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