New Etsy Shop Strategies?

Hi everyone!
I’m looking for strategies to get sales on my first listings on my Etsy shop.
I have just started selling digital products

Any kind of help is welcomed

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Could you share what you are selling? Maybe your store link or screenshots of products ?

Sure, thank you!

This is my store link:

I sell Christian digital products, so my niche is Bible journaling, decorating, ecc and I’m planning some more products for kids as well. I currently have one.
I’m planning to make 2 designs so 2 more listings every week

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I think it looks so cute! Did you design these yourself?

I just had a look on competing products and there seem to be lots of them. Digital products is a very saturated category.

Once you build feedback and reviews, your listings will enjoy a better search results position.

Try adding some physical products as well into your store - this can help you attract more traffic.

Since these are Christian products, it could be crosses, rosaries, badges or booknotes.

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I’m selling greeting cards and scrapbooking crafts. Getting started on Etsy can be a bit of a challenge, unlike Amazon where you have some traffic right from the get-go. You might want to consider promoting your stuff on Facebook or even asking your family to place some first orders.

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Thank You so much! Yes, I design them myself… I guess getting started is a bit of a challenge, I’m planning to sell only digital for now, thanks for the feedback!

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Thank You!

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When I started as a new Etsy seller, it took ages to get my first sales, but once it kicked off, it was worth it. Consider optimizing your listings with accurate titles, descriptions, and tags that include relevant keywords to improve search visibility.

Promote your shop through social media, Etsy ads, or other marketing channels to drive traffic and engage with your target audience. Offering free samples or limited-time promotions can entice customers to try your digital products.

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