Negative account balance


Yesterday, I saw that my account balance was over $500. I received my last payout from Amazon 7 days ago. However, today my balance shows as negative. When I check the payment section, my next payout date is not mentioned. Instead, it says “Amount -$0.12 scheduled to be charged on 7/18/2024.”

Could any experienced seller let me know the reason behind this?

Look at the disbursement report which will say if your money is on its way and this is the next reset.

You can see all payments and charges details in transactions history.

No one can tell you without seeing your account report.


I checked the disbursement report and saw that the next payout status is “started” with a payout amount of -$0.12. I don’t understand why my balance suddenly shows as negative, and I also don’t know what happened to the $500+ balance I saw yesterday.

Should show the one before too.