Need to liquidate my inventory

The units are 56 and ROI is 31% on overall inventory. The main reason is the weight of the inventory amazon estimate shipment cost is too high.

If anyone lives near California and can ship products through his vehicle he can get good profit in these products.

Please DM me I’ll share each and every details with images and screenshots so you can get satisfied before purchasing the inventory from us.

Do you have an invoice for those products on your name from an establised supplier?

Yes and I ungate on that invoice. I will also provide invoice on purchaser details. I have good relationship with them they will give me.

So if someone buys your inventory, you will provide an invoice from the supplier for their company?

Yes definitely

It sounds like:

  1. You are trying to sell some products which i don’t even know if they are genuine or not …
  2. you said that you will be able to provide an invoice from the supplier which according to you is an established company, on our name… How is that possible? Is not, unless you fake that invoice…

At least just say that the invoice is from you but dont ever say that u can get an invoice from an established company on other people names when they did not even purchased from that supplier.

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No, I will provide supplier details. You don’t have to do anything extra, just message them that you want a wholesale account. They will share a price list; just share the SKUs which I’m selling, and they will provide you with the invoice before you purchase from them. You can get ungated with that invoice.

As I’m not making any profit on these products, I will only need the purchaser to pay me the supplier invoice amount and prep amount, nothing else.

Hope you understand.