Need listing feedback

Hi there!

We have been selling through Amazon Germany for a month or so now with our new phone holder using a new type of attachment mechanism. Trying to get another grip about the listing images. Can you give me your best feedback? Here is the listing: [

Especially this image here, is it describing the product and how it works enough? Do you understand it?

Thankful for all feedback you can give me!


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The main picture should not include graphics or accessories if you want to avoid suppression


Hi @Ashish

You should find this information helpful when creating your images.

Product image requirements

There is also a specific section for Main product images.

Site standards for MAIN product images


Thank you both, I am definitely going to review the policy. Does Amazon offer any service of creating product listings for you?

Hi @Ashish

Amazon does not offer listing creation services. As the seller, you would know the product better than anyone else. Reviewing the Product Detail Page Rules could get you pointed in the right direction.