Need help with buyer return

Hey guys,

Im having trouble with a return. The buyer is trying to say that i sent a smaller sized battery that i dont even carry i assume so that they can keep the larger one and send me back the smaller one.

What should i do in this situation? The price difference in these items is around $100.

Thank you

Ask them for photos or any supporting documents to prove their claim. If you have records of the item you sent, provide that information as well.

If the buyer continues to dispute, you can reach out to Amazon Seller Support and proactively report the buyer.

Once the item is returned, you will have a record of the complaint and you will be able to reference it in a Safe-T claim.


You won’t be able to do anything until you get the battery back in your possession. Asking them to take pictures is a waste of time (since you’ll get it back regardless). Besides, you really don’t want to infuriate them. It’s “akin” to calling them a liar (even though they are).

As @masud530 says get your supporting documentation together. But, don’t send it to the buyer. Save it for Amazon. Also take pictures of the package and it’s contents when you receive it back. More expensive things we open in front of impartial witnesses while we have it video recorded.

The perfect thing would have been taking pictures before you sent it, including some indefinable marking. We call it a “hidden seal.”

We sell toys and collectibles. As the years have gone by, and the buyers are more and more vicious, we have been been taking more and more photos.