Need advice regarding 10 units purchase for ungating

If I’m limited to ordering less than 10 of the same product but ungating requires a min of 10 units, that’ll prevent me from getting ungated using that invoice since it’s automated right? I can’t find this product at the price anywhere else. What can I do? Thank you.

Sometimes it’s well worth it to lose a little money for the benefit of getting ungated.

If ur limit is 10 and you need to buy ten.

Have u tried buying 10 !:thinking:

Right cause you can only submit one document?

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Yes, you can still get ungated by providing an invoice for less than 10 units of the same product. In such cases, it is advisable to include multiple invoices for different products or variations that add up to a total quantity of 10 or more units. This approach can demonstrate your sourcing ability and compliance with the ungating requirements.

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