Need Advice on Shipping Mishap: Accidentally Opted for LTL instead of SPD for FBA Shipment

I’m about to launch my first product on Amazon FBA and I think I made one of the biggest mistake which going to take all my profit 🤦‍♀️

It took months to find a product then a supplier get samples etc. Finally I ordered 500 pieces and my supplier shipped my product a week ago. Then I realized I made a mistake with the shipping plan. I opted LTL instead of SPD and the goods are in transit already. I reached out Amazon they said I should cancel the shipping plan and create a new one with SPD. I was worried about the box labels but they told me it’s not going to change. Of course I got 2 new different addresses… and my goods are on their way to the original address.

Today I’ve got a phone call from Amazon customer service and was told probably Amazon not going to take the shipment and my goods will be returned 🫠

So they advised me to contact Fedex, which I did and they told me I only can change the address when the goods are in the US already.

Anyone has an idea what should I do? I feel So lost right now. I was thinking to ask Fedex to deliver to my address then I would make a new shipping plan and ship the goods to the Amazon warehouse. But I think that would cost a tons of money.

Or maybe I should hire a freight forwarder but I’m not sure how that works and where he could pick the package up.

I can’t belive I made this huge mistake with just one click…

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I understand that you’re in a difficult situation with your Amazon FBA shipment. It seems that the best course of action would be to contact a freight forwarder who can assist you in redirecting the shipment to your desired address and help you create a new shipping plan to send the goods to the Amazon warehouse. They can advise you on the logistics and costs involved in this process, ensuring a smooth transition while minimizing additional expenses.


Hi @Raggarty

Seller Support is not the most reliable source. You can only cancel a shipment that is not in transit. Even if you could, I’d be surprised if you would generate the exact same Box ID’s.

At this point, your shipment is in transit. You did create a Shipping Plan with the correct quantity and barcodes. Yes? Whether or not they will reject your shipment has yet to be determined. I would wait and see what they are going to do.

I would, though, make sure your return address is your location. It’s scary enough to let someone else pack and label your first FBA shipment, sight unseen.

Keep us posted.