Need a bit of help

So Im ready to send my 1st shippment to Amazon, I paid my labels and all that, but I went to USPS and they said I need to ship them from other place cause my labels are already pre paid, can someone please help me out with that as to where I need to ship my orders from?


That’s not a thing. Take them back. You can absolutely drop off prepaid labels to the post office. I’ve been doing it for decades.

Or do you have UPS labels? Are you trying to take UPS labels to the post office?


Sounds like u bought shipping on Amazon through UPS and then tried to take them to USPS. If so, you need to take them to UPS.


I agree with everyone else.

UPS is the default when printing Shipping Labels. So, the US Postal Service is correct. You need to drop them off at a UPS location. We use our local UPS Store.


Thank you so much for your comments everyone.

You’re welcome, and best wishes…

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