My Walmart OA orders keep getting cancelled by them


I’ve been trying to find new products to start doing OA, I’m not in the US. Today tried to buy and order of 3 items from Walmart, 2, 5, 5 were the quantities, compleyed the checkout and few minutes later got an email from Walmart telling me my order was cancelled due to their credit and fraud team flagged my order as unsual activity and to protect me they did that.

Earlier I bought a different item from them, just 2 units without any problem. Them I tried to reorder the cacelled order and was the same thing.

Called to Walmart and asked what was going on, they did a couple of questions to verify that was really the account owner, had me some time waiting and told me to try reorder again 5 hours later, I did and again cacelled, what I’m doing wrong?

Walmart doesn’t support OA sellers from overseas. This is basic knowledge.

When you order with a non-US billing address with shipping to prep-centre, they will always cancel your order.

The only option is to get a US credit card. Buy they may flag the prep-centre address anyway.

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As @masud530 says, Walmart is one of the retailers which specifically blocks non-US billing addresses. They are also used to recognizing and blacklisting prep-centre addresses.

They are doing this, because they want to offer good deals to impress their loyal customers rather than to provide someone with cheap stock to make money off.

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