My prep center made a mistake and shipped items in a box with wrong shipping labels

They shipped 50 units of ASIN X in the boxes which had shipping labels for 50 units of ASIN Y.

What should I do now?

Will amazon scan the FNSKUs once they are delivered to their warehouse and automatically add them to inventory under correct ASIN X or will it go into stranded?

Or will amazon just add them to ASIN Y without scanning once they are delivered?

I have deactivated the listing of ASIN Y so in either case they dont ship wrong item to customer.

They will definitely scan them.

Initially, they will probably be recorded as ASIN Y but eventually, when it matters, they will scan them as ASIN X. I am assuming that the FNSKU labels or manufacturers barcodes are correct.

If all goes well, they will end up in your inventory. But they might not and they may end up in Amazon’s inventory or simply lost forever…

Personally, I wouldn’t take the chance as I want to be in control and don’t like leaving things to other people to “hopefully” do things right. Your best action is to intercept the goods before they are delivered and relabel the boxes if possible.


Amazon will assume its ASIN Y they wont correct anything they simply scan. Close the listing. Create removal order and reship with correct labels. Most good preps will reimburse the cost and reprep foc.

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Create removal order

Based on my own experience, Amazon will process the units correctly as long as the FNSKUs are correct. They may charge an extra fee though. I would recommend you to open a case where you will alert Amazon about the situation.

If the FNSKUs are wrong and don’t match the product, only then I would opt to create a removal order.

Removel order, back to the prep center and prep center will have to resend them back.

Not a big issue they will scan it and will email you to be careful.

Make a removal order, then send it all back in properly.

Also, maybe look for a new prep and ship company. Message me if you want. I know a good one in Georgia and they give you a discount if you tell them you know me.