My competitor took my listing down by reporting her design patent

I have created a new product, and I plan to apply for design registration. If my competitor reports my new product on Amazon before its publication date, will my design registration number protect my product, or will Amazon take down my listing because it has not been published yet?

Has anyone experienced this kind of situation?

Whether you have a design registered or not doesn’t matter. Your listing can still be taken down following any third party report alleging intellectual property infringement.

The fact of valid registration just gives you protections in case the matter goes to court.


As Kika states, the product will still be removed but you will be able to use the design right as a document to appeal the removal. The competitor may then object to invalidate your design right if they already have one for the same product.


Are you in the USA?

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Brand registry is a total joke on Amazon. İt did next to nothing to help me despite owning the IP in both the UK and US. eBay took down copycats overnight.


I am of no help with that since I am in the USA.

What ever you do, regardless of your home country, hire a legal professional. If they made a false claim you are entitled to damages, pretty sure the UK is similar.

If you are guilty, you better move on and do not repeat or they will permanently close your account.


Regardless of your jurisdiction, intellectual property issues are best handled by legal means.