My Amazon Pay Account get Blocked about over 1% A - Z Rules

I use Amazon pay first all is ok by a new Account then come the Company Check up and after almost 2 Month ( is still in Checking and no new Email from Amazon ) get my Account Blocked for using Amazon pay about 8% A - Z Rules self when i give Tracking Data and show that the Orders Arrive my Customer what have Order in my Onlineshop.

This is really a bad Joke from Amazon my Customers get back Monez i lose mz Product and my Money and get punishment from Amazon Pay. Come on Amazon you need really to think about your A - Z Ruels and what is with the Amazon Pay Team after 2 Months still not can use Amazon Pay about Check up all Company Data. I have send all Data 5 Times to Amazon Pay Team but no Response and 890 Euro Stuck now in Amazon Pay what i not can use for my Business.

I Need help now !!

In this case, I strongly recommend reaching out to Amazon Pay support directly to address your concerns and seek assistance. They have access to your account details and can provide specific guidance tailored to your situation. To contact Amazon Pay support, log into your Amazon Seller Central account and navigate to the “Help” or “Contact Us” section. From there, you should be able to find the appropriate contact options, such as email or phone support, to reach out to their support team.

When communicating with Amazon Pay support, ensure that you provide all relevant details regarding your blocked account, the status of the check-up process, and your efforts to provide the necessary company data. Be clear and concise in explaining your situation and the impact it has had on your business.

Remember to keep copies of all communication with Amazon Pay, including any case IDs or reference numbers, as this can be useful for tracking the progress of your request and providing additional information if needed.

While waiting for a resolution from Amazon Pay support, consider exploring alternative payment options for your online shop to minimize any further disruptions to your business operations.

I understand the urgency of your situation, and I hope that you can find a prompt resolution with the assistance of Amazon Pay support.