My advertising costs seem disproportionate

Has anyone over experienced Amazon overcharging for PPC, i.e. getting their accounting wrong?

no but if you think you might have an issue there are things you need to remember - and I’ve forgotten these sometimes when the bill comes in.

  1. The running total is ex VAT
    • and the one I usually forget - the running total only shows for active ads. So if you’ve paused or archived an ad so any costs associated with that ad disappears.

On high demand items it is common now to pay
1 - 5 usd , gbp or euro per click,
so that customers can have a look at an listing.
Amazon internet traffic to display items was free,
they sell that listing display traffic now for billions to merchants as paid advertising cost.

Whenever you see a thread of a seller writing that he doesnt sell anything anymore,
its most times also down to this and the items have no more visibility ( due to not paying for visibility/advertising traffic ).

Most likely Ebay and all other plattforms will go down the same full advertising blast over the next few years.