My Ad Strategy: Comment on my Ad stratergy and share your own

I’m new to Amazon Sponsored Products so I have a long way to go. Hopefully, some of you guys will have some experience you can share with myself and others to help support us. I’ll detail my strategy and please let me know where you see holes and offer advice where you can. I run a store with thousands of products with 24 variations on each product so I imagine other people’s strategies may differ to mine because of the model we have.

So I begin by creating a campaign with one variation from each product. The ad groups are for only one variation so that I can get my keyword info on each product. I will run this continuously. Alongside this I will run the similar campaigns for other variations to see which convert better, low cost variations vs high cost variations.

As I go I add negative keywords into the ads that are spending money. Maybe after I’ve spent £5 on each one I then go in and add negatives.

From there I create a duplicate of the campaign but as manual. I add keywords only to the ads that I have made say 5 sales from my auto campaign. I run this for a bit.

Then, I make another manual which is all variations of the most successful from the previous manual campaign, these then get most of my time.

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Sounds like a plan - I would be mindful about how much your advertising costs are going be.
Automatic campaigns will suck you dry in a matter of days so just be careful with them.

I think you’re on the right track when it comes to moving converting keywords from automatic campaigns to the manual ones, I would look more into whether you would split the manual campaigns into Broad & Exact too.

Keep us updated on how it goes