My ad stopped and wouldn’t start


My ad stopped and wouldn’t start, contacted seller support and the response was 72 hours to help get it back up, it’s now been 7 days and still no resolution, too bad, what do I do?

Thank you.

If you’ve been waiting for over 7 days and your ad is still not up and running despite being in touch with Seller Support, here are a few steps you can take to escalate the situation and hopefully resolve the issue:

  1. Follow Up with Seller Support: While you’ve already contacted Seller Support, consider following up with them again. Politely explain that it’s been more than the promised 72 hours and that your ad is still not running. Provide any relevant case numbers or reference information in your communication.
  2. Check for Correspondence: Make sure you haven’t missed any communication from Seller Support. Sometimes, emails or messages might end up in spam folders or get lost.
  3. Escalate the Case: In your communication with Seller Support, request that your case be escalated to a higher level of support or management. Explain the urgency of the situation and the impact the ad downtime is having on your business.
  4. Contact Amazon Advertising Support: If your ad is part of a Sponsored Products or Sponsored Brands campaign, consider reaching out to Amazon Advertising Support directly. They handle issues related to advertising campaigns and might be able to provide more targeted assistance.
  5. Utilize Additional Channels: Contact Seller Support through different channels if available. For example, if you initially contacted them via email, try reaching out through Seller Central’s chat or phone support.
  6. Contact Seller Performance Team: If the ad downtime is negatively impacting your account health or performance, you might consider contacting Amazon’s Seller Performance team. They handle issues related to account health and policy violations.
  7. Consider Tweaking the Campaign: If the ad downtime is causing significant problems, consider pausing or stopping the affected campaign and launching a new one with similar targeting. While this might not be a perfect solution, it could help mitigate the impact.
  8. Document the Issue: Keep a record of all communication, case IDs, and details related to the ad downtime. This documentation can be valuable if you need to escalate the issue further.
  9. Review Advertising Policies: Double-check that your ad campaign complies with Amazon’s advertising policies. If any policy violations are identified, address them promptly.
  10. Third-Party Assistance: If you’re using a third-party service to manage your ads, they might be able to help you navigate the issue and provide insights on potential solutions.

While it’s frustrating to experience ad downtime and delays in resolution, persistence and proactive communication are key. Keep reaching out through various channels and make sure your concerns are heard. If you’re still not seeing a resolution, consider seeking assistance from higher levels of support or Amazon teams that specialize in advertising or account health.