My account is suspended. can i do amazon checkout on my own site?

For about 4 weeks now my account has been suspended on Amazon. I was given 3 ASINS which they informed me violated their policies yet the listings are still on Amazon and other sellers are selling of them. With no indication from seller performance as the whether my account will be re-instated, i am currently stuck. I have provided all the information they require off me. They asked me 3 times for invoices for certain products they wanted to check. Everything has been provided to them as i have genuine suppliers. I have been suspended before on Amazon for somthing else but i was re-instated in a few days the last time it happened and i received a phonecall from seller performance so i was able to discuss the matter with them aswel. After a number of appeals and leaving my telephone number there so they can call, all i get is the same notification in writing. The last notification i received was this: “We regret we are unable to provide further information on this situation. Further correspondence regarding the removal of your selling privileges may not be answered.”
I do not understand how they cannot provide more information as i should at least be told a bit in depth as to why my account is still suspended. Even after explaining that i cannot make changes in ym inventory as my account is suspended, i cannot evern upload a new flat file to show an demonstrate any changed done.

My current website is being re-developed and is close to completion. I have heard that you can do an Amazon checkout on your own website but i am wondering whether i can do it on mine if my account is suspended.

Please advise

I am unable to say if you will be able to open an Amazon Payments account because of the block on your existing Sell on Amazon account. If you do open an Amazon Payments account I cannot guarantee that it will not be blocked.

I would recommend that you review the [Acceptable Use Policy|Amazon Pay | Amazon Pay Help] to determine if your items will be accepted.

I am sorry that I cannot give you a more definite answer regarding this.