MWS API list orders info

I’ve found a problem, when I get orders from Germany marketplace the shippingAddress info has the company name in the field AddressLine1.
It is a known issue? Someone is working on this?

Any suggestion?


If you’re experiencing a problem where the shippingAddress information for orders from the Germany marketplace has the company name in the AddressLine1 field, it’s possible that this could be a known issue or a specific behavior for that marketplace. Unfortunately, without more specific information or access to the latest updates, I cannot confirm if someone is currently working on addressing this issue.

However, I can provide some suggestions to help you handle this situation:

  1. Contact Amazon Support: Reach out to Amazon Seller Support or the appropriate technical support channel to report the issue. They can provide you with the most accurate information regarding the problem and any ongoing efforts to resolve it.
  2. Check Developer Forums: Browse through Amazon’s Developer Forums to see if other sellers have encountered a similar issue or if there are any workarounds or solutions suggested by the community.
  3. Validate Data: In your own systems or applications, consider implementing a validation step to check the shippingAddress information received from the Germany marketplace. You can programmatically extract and reorganize the necessary address components, such as moving the company name to a separate field, based on the specific structure or format of the shippingAddress data you receive.

Remember, staying updated with the latest Amazon MWS documentation and announcements can also help you identify any changes or updates related to this issue.

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