Hello, i am sending off a shipment for FBA. the supplier is shipping directly. there are 8 boxes in total, but the shipping forwarder has only provided 1 tracking number. when i input this into amazon, it asks for unique tracking IDs (see screenshot). the shipping company says theres only one. what do i do to get around this please? thanks so much in advance for your help x

Hi @Raggarty

Looks like you missed a step in your shipping plan.Shipping and Box ID Labels. Shipping and routing requirements

Additional requirements

Each box in a shipment requires an Amazon FBA Box ID label in addition to any carrier labels. For more information, see Shipment label requirements.

When shipping directly to a fulfillment center from a distributor you need to make sure
they have the correct Amazon FBA Box ID labels for your shipment. When using a non-partnered carrier, you need to work with them to help create the shipping labels.

At this point, you need to do whatever it takes to stop that shipment from being delivered. Have it rerouted to you or back to your distributor. There’s no telling what the Fulfillment center will do when they get their hands on it.


Did they provided you UPS tracking number?If so,you can find 8 ups tracking number ar UPS official website.It is best t use a professional shipping company for shipping,suppliers don’t know much about shipping.

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