Multiple listings for the same product

Hi guys!

I’m trying to list my item, it doesn’t have a barcode but the item is already listed on amazon! I see multiple UPC’s and ean’s of this item. Which one do I choose to apply for listing?
The one with the higher ranking or lower ranking ?

Please help I’m stuck

Use the actual one.

What you are looking are listings used by many amazon sellers to circumvent amazon policy regarding listing.
Make sure the UPC you use is the actual code for the product.

If that listing is ever take down you too will get a policy violation, so keep that in mind. Plenty of bad actors on amazon, they turn a blind eye to them because it makes wall street happy to see the numbers go up, regardless of the seller/listing quality.


If you are doing me too listing then go with lesser BSR


When listing an item on Amazon without a barcode but with multiple UPCs or EANs already associated with the product, it’s generally recommended to choose the UPC or EAN that has the highest ranking. This is because the ranking reflects the popularity and sales volume of that particular product identifier. Using the highest-ranked identifier can potentially increase your listing’s visibility and search rankings.


To create your own listing you must have to purchase your own upc barcode from Gs1.

If you are trying to sell under other sellers listing then you have to go for approvals 1st because you can’t sell under other sellers or brands listing without their approval.


Okay thank you. But what if the item I have is a different color than the one that’s listed ?

I need to purchase a barcode right? Then I can list it?

The manufacture will have a different UPC for each variation, it would be best to use exactly what is on the package.

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