More products eligible for Amazon Outlet deals

Announcement reposted from Amazon:

FBA sellers can now run Outlet deals on 60% more products with excess inventory.

Amazon Outlet deals allow you to reduce storage fees and recover value from slow-moving, seasonal or end-of-life inventory with a limited-time promotional offer. Amazon internal data shows that sellers who followed recommendations to run Outlet deals saw units sold increase by 93% in the following four weeks.

You can participate in Amazon Outlet deals if you have a professional selling plan and a customer rating of at least 3.5 stars. There are no fees to use Outlet deals. Standard fulfilment and referral fees apply for participating ASINs.

To find out which of your products are recommended for Outlet deals, go to FBA Inventory, click the Actions drop-down menu and choose Create outlet deal.

To learn more about creating and managing Amazon Outlet deals, go to the Amazon Outlet help page.