Monthly Sold History (New Keepa feature)

There is a new yellow line in the middle graph that tracks the estimated monthly sold. Amazon introduced “Sold in Past Month” before Q4 of last year. Now, Keepa has a graph to track this metric.

Click the sub-ranks button in the top right to enable/disable the middle graph.

This metric is tier based (50+, 100+, 200+, etc.) but is pulled directly from the Amazon listing. This will be great for tracking seasonal trends among other uses.

*Bonus: This is what an IP complaint looks like in Keepa (see new offer count on bottom graph).

Are you sure its pulled from amazon? As keep estimate is hardly ever right, it might say 200+ but actually its only 50+ when you check amazon itself

Great feature. Best part is its variation specific.

Good feature, however it’s a very loose reference. Keepa, when it comes to units sold is very very inaccurate and used to manipulate listings and ranks. Nevertheless, all data is just a reference point not factual.

I have checked a random listing ( never sold on this one so i dont have real data) but keepa is showing 100 sales pm and in the last month only 50, and h10 is showing 93 sales in the past 30 days…