Money left from the Es market on the 13th April never reached my bank and Amazon has miserably failed to address it

Its been over a month since we are trying to get our money from ES and IT markets everytime we send the money its reversed to Amazon and the bank info is unassigned itself, Amazon helped us to put the info back in twice but money was still reversed after waiting for two weeks each time
but recently the money from the ES market hasn’t reached the AMazon account but hasnt reached our bank either
What more torturous is that Amazon operators seller support have no clue , they dont even do their research or investigate the matter and start sending you the info which is already on your account page
we have never been more disappointed in Amazon’s representation
What should we do ? We have been reporting to the Seller performance team all along but no response no solution whatsoever
What should we do???


I understand your frustration with the challenges you’ve been facing in getting your money from the ES and IT markets and the lack of assistance from Amazon’s seller support. While I cannot directly resolve the issue for you, I can provide some suggestions on what steps you can take:

  1. Contact Amazon Seller Support: Despite your previous experiences, it’s important to continue reaching out to Amazon Seller Support regarding this matter. Clearly explain the situation, emphasizing that the issue has been ongoing for over a month and that previous attempts to resolve it have not been successful. Request a thorough investigation and a prompt solution. Be persistent and escalate the issue if necessary.
  2. Engage with Seller Performance Team: Since you’ve already been reporting the problem to the Seller Performance Team, continue to document the ongoing issues and contact them again. Request an update on the status of your case and emphasize the financial impact and frustration caused by the delayed payments. Provide any additional details or evidence that could help them understand the urgency of the situation.
  3. Seek legal advice: If you have exhausted your options with Amazon’s internal support channels and are still unable to resolve the issue, it may be beneficial to consult with a legal professional who specializes in e-commerce or contract law. They can help you navigate the situation, assess your rights and obligations, and guide you on the appropriate course of action.
  4. Explore alternative payment options: While working towards a resolution with Amazon, consider exploring alternative payment methods for your business. This could involve setting up accounts with different payment processors or exploring other online marketplaces where you can sell your products. Diversifying your revenue streams can help mitigate the impact of delayed payments.

I hope these suggestions provide you with some direction on how to proceed. Wishing you the best of luck in resolving the payment issue with the ES and IT markets.