Money held

HI i have had my account deactivated by EU Amazon and i can not get it back - that isn’t my issue they are holding about £1000 of my money - the account was deactivated because they couldn’t verify my account ( even thought all my docs were good ) and they verified first time round ( i just changed my address and Amazon didn’t like it ) i have emailed seller support and Jeff and payments many many times but i get no answer … the £1000 is split over all the EU countries … is it worth doing a letter / small claims court etc any help on how to get my money would be amazing thank you.

You are right, small claims court would be a way how to retrieve your funds once everything failed.

But I would suggest you to firstly try submitting a complaint with the BBB where you explain what happened and describe your ideal resolution. These are taken seriously, unlike the [email protected] e-mails.

I hope you liked my answer.