Missing pallets

I sent some pallets via Palletline to Coventry. Amazon asked pallet line to redirect them to a holding warehouse. They have given me a POD that is stamped with the name of the holding warehouse. It has now been a month and I am trying to get them to investigate.

They keep replying saying that the POD does not have an Amazon stamp so they can’t investigate.
Sometimes they reply saying that they have started to receive because it says receiving on the contents tab. I have pointed out that they have not started as the quantity received is zero and also it says receiving on all shipments including ones that have not left my warehouse yet.

I am just going around in circles. I am reluctant to write to the MD as that team is dealing with 3 other issues for me.

Anyone else experienced this?

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Hello @Paul1,

I am sorry to hear that you are having difficulty with getting your pallet shipment received by Amazon. This time of the year, I would expect there to be delays. So, I would advise you to give them more time.

The fact that this is a holding warehouse indicates that it will take longer before they are able to start receiving the stock at Amazon’s warehouse.

Ever since Amazon started requiring tracking for FBA shipments, they may show as shipped or receiving as soon as you mark them as dispatched. It’s still very new.

Maybe @FunkyMonkey would be able to advise with FBA or @AmazonUKForumRefugee is UK-based seller, just like @Jack.

If you are out of stock, I would advise you to send a smaller volume FBA shipment that is not palletized to restock these specific items.