Minimal and maximum price

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At the bottom Min/Max does that mean I could put the min/max I’m willing to except for
this specific product? Also the numbers under the store names, What’s those ?

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Yes, at the bottom, you can set the minimum and maximum prices you’re willing to accept for the specific product. The numbers under store names represent the prices offered by each store.


Yes. But it’s only relevant if you Automate Pricing.

Minimum and Maximum Price Validation

When you start repricing an SKU, Automate Pricing applies basic validation rules to your minimum and maximum prices, to ensure that your price does not go too high or too low.


Be careful when setting a minimum or maximum price.

Amazon may deactivate your listing if you choose to increase (or decrease it) at any point in the future.

When I started selling on Amazon in 2015, I priced my collectibles at a retail price. Now they are worth 20x more, however I am unable to sell them on Amazon, since Amazon keeps deactivating them unless I set them within the old ranges.


Me, too.

They don’t let me list things at their actual value. At least we have a website where we determine the fair market price of our products.

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Thank you everyone for the insight! Hope I can send you a message whenever I encounter problem in my daily basis tasks.

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