Migration of Responsible Person dashboard starts August 23

Announcement reposted from Amazon:

The Responsible Person dashboard is merging with the Manage Your Compliance dashboard.

Starting August 23, 2023, you can act on more of your compliance requests in one place as we merge the Responsible Person dashboard with the Manage Your Compliance dashboard.

During migration, your list of ASINs from the Responsible Person dashboard will be automatically added to the Manage Your Compliance dashboard, along with their compliance status: Completed, No longer requested or Not submitted.

The Responsible Person dashboard will then be closed down, and any new Responsible Person submissions must be made on the Manage Your Compliance dashboard.

We recommend that for all your ASINs that appear as “past due” on the Responsible Person dashboard, you add your Responsible Person information as soon as possible before the migration in August. Doing so will help ensure that the information is validated before the transition and automatically transferred to the Manage Your Compliance dashboard. You can also choose to do this for ASINs that appear with a due date of September 30, 2024 to ensure that you are compliant in advance.

As part of the migration, the Amazon Responsible Person service has been paused for new subscribers.

To learn more, go to the Responsible Person dashboard and Manage Your Compliance dashboard.