MF vs. FBA for eBay Orders Linked to Amazon Account

We have just set up software to link our Amazon account to our new eBay business store, however after looking at one of the eBay orders in more detail, the MF shipping fee in Amazon is £4.80 yet our usual FBA fee for the item was £2.81. Is it normally this different for MF shipments rather than FBA?

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Yes. Because the fee structures for MCF and FBA are different you would expect them to be different.

Fulfillment fees (per unit)


It’s literally the same job, I don’t get why the charges should be different. But thank you anyway.

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@Mary No, they are not the same.

Blank Box (Unbranded packaging)

All MCF sellers are automatically enrolled in unbranded packaging at no additional cost. Unbranded packing is the default ship option for MCF orders,

If you opt out of Amazon Logistics there is a 5% surcharge.

Carrier preference

You can block your MCF orders from being shipped by Amazon Logistics, which will result in a 5% surcharge on your MCF orders,

If you want to use the features of Multi-Channel Fulfillment, Amazon is going to charge you more.

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